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Set Boxes

A variety of fruit & veg in season
right now. Like having your own
organic garden, without the digging.


Now taking orders till 8.30am Wed Sept 25 for delivery Thurs/Fri Sept 26/27

Our promise: We NEVER sell conventional non-organic food, nor ‘eco’, ‘spray free’, ‘IPM (Integrated Pest(icide) Management)’, ‘free range’ or just ‘chemical-free’. Instead we sell integrity, peace of mind, and an unwavering commitment to organic food and farming, so you know what you’re getting! You and your family deserve the best. If you want to eat cheap food, that’s your business. If you want to eat good food, that’s ours!

At the checkout you can specify if there’s anything you DON’T want in your set box. Requested substitutions welcome, and we’ll do our best for you (considering price and availability). These set boxes are purely for the convenience of a one-click order. If you know what you do and don’t want you’re much better to simply choose your own. Just sayin…