Organic meal kit – roast chicken and veggies (serves 4-5)



Make a roast chicken dinner for 4-5 people. 1 chook (approx size 15-16), 800g spuds, 800g pumpkin, Greens (400g Broccoli, 300g Beans), 350g carrots (all subject to change…but we’ll always try to include spuds, 2 greens and 2 orange veg) PS – if you want stuffing, please order additionally (bread, onion, mixed herbs, butter) PPS – if you want gravy, please order additionally (gravy mix) Chicken Dispatched FROZEN/Certified Organic / Free Range  / No Chemicals / No Growth Hormones / No Antibiotics. ACO certified organic and sourced direct from the farmer in Inglewood, Queensland.