Organic herbal insect repellant (Ouch!) 20ml *100% Natural* *Child Safe*

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Australia’s #1 Selling 100% Natural  Outdoor Sprays

Ouch Instant Herbal Insect Sting Relief and Ouch Personal Outdoor Sprayare great for overseas travel adventures in tropical destinations, island hopping & rainforests. All Ouch Sprays packs are approved carry on luggage size.

Ouch sprays contain no chemicals, are vegan and not tested on animals. Chemical based insect products transfer up to 17% of their active ingredients into your muscles, where they stay for 3 months increasing the risk of unwanted side effects. Check the pack of your insect product or sting / itch relief product for deet (diethyltoluamide), aluminium sulphate (abandoned by deodorant makers due to its link to breast cancer*), papain (3rd highest cause of dermatitis*) and hydrocortisone cream (a steroid). Does the product you use contain chemicals requiring it to be labeled ‘Keep Out Of Reach Of Children’?Switch to chemical free Ouch Sprays which are effective and safe.

300 spray credit card sized pocket pack. 

Doesn’t contain the toxic chemicals in other outdoor spray formulations.

NSW Gov’t Health Pathology Service, Westmead Hospital rated Ouch’s formula as effective for 40 mins with no adverse skin reactions in human tests.

Non toxic, 100% natural formulation

Safe for children and pregnant women

Reapply as often as needed

Highest grade distilled herbal extracts from certified producers.

Doesn’t melt or deform plastic clothing, spectacles, safety goggles

Not tested on animals

100% Australian made