Organic liquorice root stick – 3 PACK *Nature’s Toothbrush*



Chew on this tasty sweet stick for a fresh healthy mouth and rejuvenated adrenals. Plus if you’ve got a habit of smoking, biting your nails, or eating junk food in front of the TV, chew on one of these bad boys to distract you while it calms your nerves and delivers a dose of nutrition into your belly. It works!

Turns out this stick is no ordinary stick, it’s Licorice Root, also known as glycyrrhiza glabra. It’s been used as medicine for thousands of years. One of the most popular healing herbs around, used extensively across the world and a staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This powerhouse of a herb is extremely versatile. Aiding in oral, digestive, and respiratory health and stress management. It also supports the reproductive organs, balances blood sugar, supports healthy liver function, and even helps detox the body from a large spectrum of over 1200 toxins!


1. Fights Cavities

2. Aids in Stress Management & Adrenal Health

3. Helps Heal The Gut Lining & Soothe Inflammation

4. Supports Respiratory Health