Organic simmer sauce – Madras curry (Waah Org) 300g *authentic Indian



A savoury curry sauce made with tomatoes, onions and blend of flavourful spices.

Madras curry sauce is a classic recipe which derives its name from a south Indian city, Madras. With its characteristic regional taste, the sauce is elevated by the addition of beef pieces, or any other protein or vegetable of choice.

BPA free packaging. No preservatives. Gluten free.

Ingredients: Water, organic tomatoes (28%), organic onions (17%), organic sunflower oil, organic coconut, organic tamarind, salt, organic coriander leaves, organic ginger, maize, organic chillies (0.7%), organic coriander, organic garlic, organic cumin, organic chickpeas, organic Kashmiri garam masala (cardamom, cloves, cumin whole/powder, cinnamon, black pepper, mace powder, nutmeg powder, nutmeg mace), organic mustard, organic black gram, organic fenugreek, organic turmeric powder, organic curry leaves.

May contain nuts and/or seeds.

Product of India.

Certified organic by USDA.