Organic simmer sauce – tikka masala curry (Waah Org) 300g *authentic Indian



A delicious curry sauce made with a perfect blend of spices in a tomato-onion base.

Many people are unaware that this curry did not originate in India, but in the UK. The recipe was so popular among British travellers to India, they were devastated to not find it on Indian menus! From this point on, Indian chefs were obliged to make it and it is now enjoyed by all!

Tikka masala is a deliciously rich and robust gravy made with a tasty tomato-onion combination. Simply add chicken, or any other protein or vegetable of choice to this popular recipe and cook for a perfect Tikka Masala experience!

Ingredients: Organic tomatoes (35%), water, organic onions (19%), organic sunflower oil, organic ginger, organic coconut milk, organic garlic, organic lemon juice, organic cashew nuts, salt, organic maize, organic cane sugar, organic chillies (1%), organic cumin powder, organic coriander, organic turmeric powder, organic black pepper, organic cloves, organic fenugreek, organic cinnamon.

May contain nuts and/or seeds.

Product of India.

Certified organic by USDA.