Organic Christmas Turkey Breast PRE ORDER /kg



Perfect for a small family dinner – no bones, no waste. Skin on for crispy skin and tender juicy roast turkey. OFC Certified organic turkey direct from our organic free range turkey farmer Ewart Sylvester, from his farm ‘Aroona’, nestled in the foothills of the fertile Darling Downs.

Ewart prides himself on his dedication to providing you with excellent quality, organic, free range meat from paddock to plate. His turkeys are the best they can be for you and your family because of their organic, free-range lifestyle, specialised feeding program, good old-fashion healthy exercise and natural foraging . Grown in small groups, he pays attention to their care and diet with as well as playing them barouque music to keep them calm and happy. You can taste the difference!

  GreenAg produces certified organic free-range traditional turkeys:

  • organically farmed, grown in small groups, stress-free in an open, free-access environment which produce outstanding tender and succulent quality and flavour
  • Turkeys are fed an organic blend of grains and ingredients combined with fresh air and sunshine with the inclusion of assorted traditional herbal plantings
  • free from hormones, steriods, growth promotants, antibiotics
  • GreenAG products are all gluten free and contain no artificial preservatives or nitrite