Reuseable food pouches (MyLil Pouch!) 5 pack, 100ml *BPA free



Developed especially for little hands, My Lil Pouch is a tough, versatile and eco-friendly food squeeze pouch sure to tick every box.

As well as being safe for children to use (BPA free) and dishwasher safe, these reusable containers are safe for all kids, inexpensive, and perfect for lunchboxes, picnics and any family on the go.

Ideal for yoghurt, smoothies, and salad dressings, and tough enough to handle sunscreen, toothpaste and even hair gel, My Lil Pouch helps families take control over what goes into each meal and take liquids everywhere safely.

My Lil Pouch originated from the need to reduce plastic waste, and to help the ease of creating simple, healthy lunches for children without the hefty price tag.