Water Filter – 5 stage, under-sink, RO system with alkaliser (AquaPro) ***we use this***



This is the water filter WE use and recommend. Removes not only chlorine and heavy metals but pesticides, hormones and everything else, leaving medically-pure water with a total dissolved solids rating of <20ppm. When we saw the outrageous mark-up water filter retailers were putting on these we decided to make them available to our customers for a more reasonable price. A licensed plumber from the Tap Doctor (1300 655 827) will install it for around $170. Comes with pressure limiting valve, as recommended by manufacturer. Removes>93% fluoride. The 4 stage reverse osmosis system hides away under your sink and puts healthy great-tasting water at your fingertips. It meets all your water quality needs at a fraction of the cost of bottled water, without having to carry home those heavy bottles of water. The 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system is easy to install (usually takes a couple of hours). The system comes complete with a water storage tank and all the necessary fittings. This unit is extremely effective in reducing a huge range of water contaminants. It is possible because the RO membrane is comprised of microscopic pores, which allow water molecules, among the smallest molecules to pass, compounds containing contaminants are left behind and flushed away. It must be mentioned that with the Reverse Osmosis system there is waste water. For every cup of pure drinking water you will waste a further 2-3 cups which can be either plumbed onto the garden or down the drain. However, it is important that you put the waste water in proper perspective, say for the average family of 4 it is just the flush of the toilet a day. Information about the 4 stage process: 1ST STAGE – Sediment filter removes large particles (over 1 micron) of dirt, rust and other sediment. 2nd STAGE – Carbon filter removes chlorine, which can damage the RO membrane by burning holes. 3rd STAGE – Is the reverse osmosis membrane, which removes dissolved solids in the water. 4th STAGE – Is a charcoal in-line filter, which removes odours from the storage tank, plus improves the taste of your water. 5th STAGE – Re-alkalising/Antioxidant cartridge raises the pH of your water to around 8. Sediment, carbon & inline filters should be replaced yearly. Membrane replace every 2 years.