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A finer pear there never was..

Persea americana


The avocado is originally from southern Mexico and Central America. A member of the laurel family, the fruit matures on the tree but only ripens when picked. There are about 500 varieties and they grow only in tropical climates. At their peak, the avocado contains a high amount of fruit oil, giving a taste that is smooth, mellow and nutty.

Source of

Anti-oxidant glutathione, potassium, vitamins E and A, essential fatty acids.

Good for

The heart, circulation, lowering blood cholesterol, is a vasodilator, protects against cancer and can relieve symptoms of PMS.

Organic vs Non-organic

Organophosphate insecticides are widely used on non-organic avocados. Organically grown avocados are often picked at a later stage and possess a range of essential fatty acids, but the real benefit is the superior taste.

Although high in fat, avocados contain mostly monounsaturated fats that benefit health and beauty. Avoiding them to lose weight is crazy!