Supporting AUSSIE farmers

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 | crankit

At our pledge is to source our products as locally as possible, and always, ALWAYS, choose AUSSIE products over imported.

Our hardworking Aussie organic farmers deserve our, and your, support. While very little certified organic fruit & vegetables are imported into Australia, it does happen. Over the last few years we’ve seen kiwifruit from Italy, mangoes from Mexico, and asparagus from Thailand. If imported is all that’s available, we just don’t put it on our list.

Supporting Aussie farmers is one benefit, and reducing Food Miles is another. Food Miles is an issue we feel very strongly about – that is, the environmental impact of shipping foods long distances, sometimes to the other side of the world. It often results in hundreds of times more energy being used to get something to your plate than the food actually gives you back when you eat it. We think it’s a terrible waste of the Earth’s energy resources, and the CO2 emissions from all that transport and storage are a significant contribution to global warming.

As for organic grocery items, there are numerous products imported from Europe or the US that just aren’t made here due to the small size of our market. We WILL stock them, but will always seek out and offer locally produced alternatives if they’re available. You’ll notice in our webstore that we list Local products first (within 250km of Brisbane), Aussie second, NZ third, and then imported products last in each category. We’re sorry if this makes it a little more difficult for you to find everything you’re looking for, but it does encourage people to check local and Aussie products first.

If some of the items in your shopping basket are imported, we encourage you to check out the carbon offsetting charity we support when you get to the checkout and throw a few dollars back to the environment to help offset the emissions created by importing food.