We’re on a Mission

This page is about our organic home delivery service. To learn more about our farm, click ‘Meet the Farmers’.

At Farm Fresh Organics, our mission is to help you create a healthy family. Simple.

We aim

  • to make great quality organic food so easy (and tasty), everyone will want to buy it.
  • to help people to better health,
  • to increase demand for organic produce through fair pricing and consumer education,
  • to reduce our (and your) impact on the environment, and
  • to encourage more farmers to adopt organic farming methods for the benefit of this and future generations of Australians.

Farm Fresh Organics is owned and run by two Brisbane locals who travelled to the world’s best organic farms for ten years to discover themselves and what’s important in life. Shane and Cath Heaton now live just south of Brisbane at Blueberry Hill Organic Farm on Tamborine Mountain, and love growing, eating and selling healthy food.

Put simply, WE’RE ON A MISSION to save the world, and we’re doing it one meal, one person, one family at a time, starting with YOU!

Our Values

We grow, research, recommend, eat and sell organic food because we believe organic food and farming are better for your health and the environment. Like all businesses, profitability and return on investment are important goals, but at Farm Fresh Organics, we know that none of it adds up to a hill of beans if we don’t use and support sustainable, environmentally responsible methods that will leave the world better than we found it. In short, we’re about selling healthy and delicious foods that will benefit the planet, ourselves, our community, and you, our valued customer.

  • Environmental Responsibility at every step
  • The freshest organic produce available
  • Happy customers with convenient ordering
  • Increased markets for organic farmers
  • Customer education and support
  • Simply the best prices for organic food

Contact Us

Phone: 0408 220 055 (Tues-Fri 7am-2pm)
Email: getfresh@freshorganics.com.au
Address: 1/39 Randolph St, Rocklea Q 4106 (warehouse not open to the public)
Open Hours: Online 24/7
Office Hours: Tues-Fri 7am-2pm