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We Pay our Farmers a Fair Price – We know the dedication and hard work that goes into growing good food. Most of our partner farmers have been growing for us for over a decade! They do an awesome job that’s so important to all of us. Between 43 and 70 cents of every dollar spent with Farm Fresh Organics goes directly to the farmers, compared with an industry average of 11 cents (Canning, P 2011. “A Revised and Expanded Food Dollar Series. A Better Understanding of Our Food Costs”.)  Remember, ‘cheap is expensive’. Cheap food costs your health and the environment, while cheap organics lowers returns to growers, and dissuades chemical farmers from ever changing what they do. Only by paying a fair price to organic growers can we hope to change the food system for the better.

Thanks so much for voting for organic food and farming with your food dollars.

Bauer’s Organic Farm

Lockyer Valley, Queensland

Bauer’s Organic Farm take great pride in producing top quality, award-winning, delicious tasting vegies in the fertile Lockyer Valley.  Rob Bauer’s a dead-set champion of organic farming in Australia and we’re proud to call him our friend, colleague and supplier for over a decade, sending us award winning spuds, carrots, celery, garlic, pumpkin and more.

Originally settled by the Bauer family in 1885, Rob’s the 4th generation to farm this land, his sons the 5th and his grandchildren the 6th. “I started growing organically over 30 years ago after initially farming with chemicals as my father had done,”says Rob.  “At that time there wasn’t really a market for organic produce but I felt that there wasn’t much future (literally) in doing it the chemical way.  Too many of my local farming neighbours were ending up with cancer and leukaemia and dying in their 50’s and 60’s.

I started to think about how the Aboriginal people lived here and ate from the land …. our farms are all on Blackfellow Creek. I also thought about how my grandparents and great-grandparents farmed here.  They did it organically!  There were no chemicals around and with some of the best soil in the world here in this valley, they grew beautiful crops. Organic is nothing new, it’s just the way our ancestors farmed. I’m especially pleased that little kids who don’t really have a say in what they eat are now getting our nutritious vegies free of chemicals, GMO’s and other nasties.  Just pure, wholesome food.”

Ellerslie Farm Eggs

Darling Downs, Queensland 

Ellerslie Farm Organic Free Range eggs are laid by hens that range freely on organic, chemical free pastures with a maximum density of 1500 hens per hectare when outdoors. Their hens are fed a nutritious organic mix that is free from genetically modified plants. The farm is independently audited to ensure Australian Certified Organic standards are strictly adhered to, in addition to our high standards of hen welfare and egg quality.

For an egg to be classified as ‘organic’, it must be produced from free-range hens fed entirely certified organic grains. Throughout the day the chooks are free to come and go as they please from the sheds. The hens graze on certified organic pastures, foraging freely across acres of pasture in daylight hours, are never debeaked, and lay their precious eggs in straw filled nests from which the eggs are collected twice daily by hand. At night the birds are housed in secure sheds to keep foxes at bay. Forage crops are planted to provide cover during the day from eagles and hawks.

Part of the ACO organic certification is an indoor scratching area for them to scratch and have dust baths.  Inside the shed at this farm certified organic birds are kept at a density of 7 birds per square metre, compared to 12 birds per square metre for free range.

Inglewood Farms

Darling Downs, Queensland

Inglewood Farms is family owned and run by multiple generations of the Youngberry family, and is Australia’s leading producer of organic free-range chicken. Their birds are able to forage freely on dedicated grass forage areas, living as nature intended with fresh air and sunshine, resulting in lean, succulent meat with a superior taste and texture.

Choosing to support the Youngberry family to take care of the environment and the animals they raise in an ethical manner, is a very positive way to spend your food dollar.  Inglewood Farms chickens eat organic feed, without the uses of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. Inglewood Farms use a ‘closed loop’ production system where they hatch their own chickens, grow some of their own organic grain, recycle waste into compost and rear their chickens on spacious forage areas.

Organic chicken today tastes like chicken used to in the good old days before intensive farming became the norm. They live longer than conventional chickens and have better muscle tone which means the flesh is firmer. It’s delicious, lean and succulent; juicy and tender. The flavour of freedom comes with foraging outside and growing at nature’s pace.

Googa Farms Avocados

Blackbutt, Queensland

First established in 1963 Googa Farm Organics is run by two brothers bringing diverse skills together. Anthony is the experienced farm manager and mechanic, while his brother David is a qualified Agricultural Scientist. Anthony is keen to tell aspiring farmers that if they work hard, do plenty of research and be persistent, farming is a very rewarding career.

Googa Farms is situated in the beautiful Googa region just out of Blackbutt, 150 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, on rich red basalt soil up to 20 metres deep. The 200-hectare farm consists of 7000 avocado trees with the rest being for broad-acre and vegetable farming. They produce quality certified organic avocados, snow peas, potatoes and zucchinis. Avocados – about 50,000 trays a year – are the farm’s core product. Fewer inputs are used, the soil is healthier and the trees last up to 30 years, a third longer than many conventionally grown trees.

Sol Artisan Bakery

Brisbane, Queensland

Sol Breads was formed in 1998 by a small group of bread enthusiasts with the aim of baking bread in the tradition of a true artisan.  From humble beginnings in a garage underneath a small eatery in the multi-ethnic suburb of West End on Brisbane’s south side, SOL Breads dedicated itself to producing healthy, nutritious, naturally leavened organic sourdough bread. SOL’s range of breads has a strong emphasis on wholefood ingredients, without the use of chemical or other additives and agents, or the encouragement of farming techniques that degrade the environment.

Demand has continued to grow and so has the bakery and product range.  The SOL Breads journey has been a labour of love, sweat and at times tears, but at no stage has the team lost sight of their original ideals and processes, and today can lay claim to being one of the few truly artisan bakeries in Australia.

Sol currently supply us outstanding sourdough spelt beads, wheat breads and croissants, plus tasty gluten free breads.

Britts Organic Bakery

Gold Coast, Queensland

We love Britt’s Bakery’s motto: “WE LOVE FOOD. WE LOVE ORGANIC. WE LOVE LOCAL”. A family business, Britt’s Organics was started in 1998 by husband and wife team Rene and Britt Christiansen. Rene’s a Danish pastry chef with over three decades of industry experience, creating unique and authentic products using quality ingredients and traditional recipes.

Rene & Britt pride themselves on choosing nothing but the finest and most natural ingredients from around Australia. They use traditional baking methods and unique sourdough cultures that produce a distinctive flavour throughout their product range, putting them a cut above the rest.

Specialising in spelt flour baking, Rene makes great spelt pastry pies, pizza bases, cookies and crisp bread. His beautiful spelt pastry pies are a favourite among our staff. Rene’s also worked out how to make gluten free products taste great, including pizza bases and cookies. A true local master baker, his outstanding products reflect a life-long passion for excellent ingredients and perfecting his craft.

Barambah Organic Dairy

Darling Downs, Queensland

Ian and Jane Campbell’s Barambah Organics began in 2002.   From it’s origins in the Murgon area (where Ian’s 4th generation family farm is situated), the dairy herds relocated near Goondiwindi and Inglewood, 350kms South West of Brisbane in order to secure access to reliable water. The farms are well located on the Dumaresq River System and on the McIntyre Brook. This has been an excellent move and the cows are thriving in this location. Barambah Organics cows graze on mixed pastures – are 80% grass fed – their diet is supplemented with grains and minerals during milking times.

Ian is a highly qualified Rural Scientist who specialised in animal nutrition at University. He has been in the dairy industry for many years and has seen the true respect and regard that so many dairy farmers give to their animals. The average dairy farmer works a 14-hour day and strangely they choose this path for the lifestyle, as dairy farmers truly love their animals and all family members can work together.

Barambah Organics has won numerous awards for their milks, yoghurts and cheeses in Australia and internationally, and are recognised as one of the best dairies in the world. And they’re right in our backyard!

Cowlings Organic Cherries

South Australia

Cherry growing has been in the Cowling family for four generations, since 1882. The current owner, John, is very interested in sustainable farming practices; the whole property is managed under organic certification. All the fruit is picked and packed on the property. The property is in a rural setting but is close to the Adelaide CBD. John & Gill Cowling have a commitment to growing quality fruit and varieties that customers enjoy.  They grow over 30 varieties on the property, including dark, white-flesh, and sour cherries.  They are harvested over the 8-10 week season, which extends from early November (around Melbourne Cup day) to mid-January. The size of the harvest can vary, depending on seasonal conditions – namely the weather! Cowlings specialise in good flavoured cherries and have a reputation for premium quality. These cherries are hands down the best cherries in Australia, and we look forward to seeing them arrive every year.

Peace, Love & Vegetables

Byron Bay, NSW

Peace, Love and Vegetables is a health food manufacturing and distribution company in Byron Bay, started by couple Adam and Anya in 2011. With a focus on the right philosophy and unique cultured vegetable products at the right price, they now employ over thirty staff, supply outlets nationwide, run a store front at the factory and have become certified organic in 2015. Here’s how it all happened…

Anya grew up in Russia, where every summer her family would pickle lots of produce to last them through the winter. Green tomatoes, red tomatoes, garlic, cucumber, capsicums and sauerkraut (cabbage). When she moved to the U.S. there was no need for pickling, as veggies were accessible all year round. After living on a “Standard American Diet” (SAD) for a few years though, she was suffering digestive issues. She began following the Body Ecology Diet, where cultured vegetables are essential for gut healing. This is when she re-introduced sauerkraut into her life, in her early twenties. “In Russia, it was an essential food to live through harsh winters. In the U.S. it was essential food to heal my gut” – Anya

Adam met Anya in Australia while she was visiting friends and making ferments like kefir and sauerkraut for them. They quickly fell in love and Adam was introduced to the whole process of fermenting. Adam didn’t grow up eating fermented foods in Australia. He’s always had a taste for sour things but after being introduced to cultures when he met his lovely wife, Anya, he started eating them to heal his gut and improve his digestion. He’s always enjoyed the taste, but these days he craves it and eats a Peace, Love and Vegetables product with most meals. Deeply inspired by their own health adventure, the couple wanted to share it to enrich other peoples’ lives… And so “Peace, Love and Vegetables” was born!

The couple began fermenting and experimenting with various methods and ingredients. They made plenty of mistakes in the early days as they learned all about this new food industry. It’s helped them learn and grow, and they embrace the mistakes as well as the successes, in business and in life. “There are challenges in every day and rewards when we get over them, and it’s worth it” – Adam and Anya.

PLV are currently supplying us a range of Superkrauts, the most divine cashew cheese in the universe, and a healthy dose of inspiration. These guys REALLY know how to make great healthful and delicious products.

“Bless the famers, bless the makers, bless the bacteria & bless ourselves” PLV


Murwullimbah, Northern NSW

OZGANICS is a proudly 100% Australian owned organic, gluten and dairy free food manufacturer. Anni Brownjohn is the founder and president of OZGANICS, specialising in food products that meet consumer’s need for low allergy and good taste. Her mission is to provide an uncompromising high standard of organic, healthy food to Australians, and the people of the world.

Ozganics’ factory is situated in Murwillumbah, a rural town in the stunning Tweed Valley in Northern New South Wales. It maintains the only organically certified production plant of wet sauce lines in Australasia/Pacific region that is gluten, dairy and egg free. The factory is certified organic by Organic Food Chain and Australian Certified Organic. Today the factory employs over 20 members of the local community and produces over 26 different products under the OZGANICS label, and exports to over 20 countries around the world! Anni’s a champion in the Australian organic movement and recent winner of the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year.

The fully certified organic and gluten free range now includes table sauces, simmer sauces, pasta sauces, salad dressings, honey, mayonnaise, oils, salsas, jams & spreads, noodles and more.

Mt Whitestone Farm

Mt Whitestone, Queensland

Gary and Kathy Harm, together with their son James and daughter-in-law Ashleigh, grow the most beautiful tasting Biodynamic broccoli, cabbages and cauliflowers at Mt Whitestone, near Gatton, 100km west of Brisbane. Gary’s Grandfather bought the 250 acre property in 1930 and used it for dairying and pig production. His father began growing potatoes and onions, but the underground water proved too salty so he changed to brassicas, which can tolerate more salt. Gary and his father farmed conventionally, but Gary began looking for a better way as the soil became increasingly hard over the years. Crops would not grow well no matter how much fertilizer was used.

This is where the decision to grow organically started. Gary did extensive research and abandoned the previous growing methods, and converted to an organic farm. They had many trial and errors, while trying to find a way to protect the crops without using insecticides. After becoming certified  with BFA, Gary thought that the Biodynamic way of farming was the way to go, and adopted those farming principles and practices. About 100 acres of the farm, mostly river flats, is used for vegetable growing, with about half of that growing a crop at any one time, and the other half being rested in green manure or fallow.

The Harm’s begin planting at the end of January and continue until the end of June. They plant 14,000 broccoli, 5,000 cauliflowers and 2,000 cabbages per week during the 25 week period. They harvest from April till October. Broccoli is harvested into large bins, and later packed into boxes and iced for transport to market. The caulis and cabbages are packed straight into boxes for transport directly to Brisbane.

From a situation of impossibly hard soils and poor crops, the Harms have completely turned their farm around with Biodynamics, producing the most beautiful tasting, long lasting, sought after broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages….all of which Farm Fresh Organics customers have been enjoying each year since 2003.

GreenAg Organic Turkeys

Kingsthorpe, Queensland

“At GreenAg, we have a passion for producing sustainable organic produce specialising in turkey to support the health of future generations. At no time during the growing or processing are there any added chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or fillers.  Our products are totally organic from paddock to plate.”

After being in the agricultural industry for more than 30 years & experiencing health issues, Ewart Sylvester (aka the Turkey Man) discovered the positive impact turkey meat could have on his health & that of his family & friends. He set out to explore the possibility of producing free range organic turkey & the rest, as they say, is history.

The Turkey Man, his wife Suzanne & son Douglas, continue to work on their farm just west of Toowoomba, producing ethically grown certified organic turkey meat. GreenAg turkeys are kept calm & nutritionally sound by listening to baroque music while filling up on GreenAg’s own variety of home grown and milled certified organic feed.

Elliot Organic Livestock

 Jackson, Queensland

Elliott Agriculture is family owned and operated by Shane and Jane Elliott and their two sons, who are dedicated to consistently delivering naturally produced, tender flavoursome beef and lamb, using environmentally friendly and sustainable management practices. Their property “Scotland” lies south of Jackson in South West Queensland. The region is one of the finest beef and lamb producing areas in Queensland & Australia.  Jackson is located between the vast livestock breeding areas of western and northern Queensland and the rich grain growing areas of the Darling Downs in South East Queensland.

Today, like many small country towns, all the commerce has long since gone and Jackson remains a quiet little town of 14 residences and approximately 20 people.  Like all small country towns, local characters are not in short supply, and Jackson is now a rich grazing and farming region.

At mustering time the whole family jumps on their trailbikes and rounds em up! The Elliotts are quickly developing a reputation for excellent quality certified organic beef and lamb, which they send to our local organic butcher for processing into the retail packs available from Farm Fresh Organics.

Certified by Organic Food Chain (OFC) #736

Cascina Belvedere

Bianzé, Italy

Suppliers of our authenic Italian ready-risottos and polenta. The organic farm Cascina Belvedere is a synonymous of quality and authenticity, in harmony with nature for the production of organic rice since the sixteenth century.