Freshly baked organic loaves from our outstanding local artisan bakers!


Now taking orders till 8.30am TUES 12 July 22 for delivery THURS-SAT 14 July - 16 July 22 E

Please note extreme drought in Australia’s grain growing regions has seen flour prices rise to new highs, up 30% this year alone. Our artisan bakers are masters of their craft, and their breads are worth the price they have to charge for quality ingredients and outstanding baked goods.

Master baker Terry Wilson bakes his delicious and wholesome range of sourdough breads at Leavain Bakery in Coopers Plains. He specialises in full sourdoughs and yeasted sourdoughs. Terry says that ‘Sourdough is infinitely more satisfying. It has an amazing depth of flavour, it smells and looks better and it is something you can get you teeth into. It is healthier too, because gluten and sugars are dissolved during the long fermentation process.’ Terry makes all his breads from organic flour sourced as locally as possible, usually NSW to get flours with the special qualities his breads require.