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Slow grown, freshly harvested & full of flavour.
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Now taking orders till 8.30am TUESDAY July7th for delivery Thurs-Sat July 9-11

Our promise: We NEVER sell conventional non-organic food, nor ‘eco’, ‘spray free’, ‘IPM (Integrated Pest(icide) Management)’, ‘free range’ or just ‘chemical-free’. Instead we sell integrity, peace of mind, and an unwavering commitment to organic food and farming, so you know what you’re getting! You and your family deserve the best. If you want to eat cheap food, that’s your business. If you want to eat good food, that’s ours!

DURING THE SHUTDOWN – Due to overwhelming demand we’re working day and night to bring you your organic deliveries. Expect shortages. Expect delivery delays (we’ll keep you notified). We’re doing our best! Thanks for your patience and understanding.