From our farmers Shane & Jane Elliot on the
Western Ranges,
 near Roma.
Perfect sheep country.


Now taking orders till 8.30am TUES 12 July 22 for delivery THURS-SAT 14 July - 16 July 22 E

Please note severe drought conditions in much of Australia’s cattle country is impacting feed costs, water supplies, and stock levels. Prices are now starting to reflect that reality. Our farmers appreciate your support.

All meat is dispatched frozen at -20 degrees, and shipped with ice. If partially thawed upon delivery but still partially frozen, it’s perfectly food-safe to refreeze. If fully defrosted, refrigerate and cook within 48hrs.

Extra ice is available for warm weather, if you may be out, or for your peace of mind ($4 surcharge). This is automatically added for all overnight deliveries (outer areas).

Please note extreme drought conditions are now impacting on the price of lamb in Australia, and our farmers have finally relented and started to increase the price for their lambs. If you love your lamb, we know you’ll keep supporting your farmers through these tough times.