Bathroom & toilet cleaner (enviro clean) 750mL



Tough on soap scum, limescale and watermarks. Extremely effective with no harsh fumes, designed to effectively remove grime from bathrooms and showers. Suitable for all surfaces.

General Cleaning: Spray on, leave for a few minutes, agitate & wipe off, rinse well with water.

Refill 750ml bottle for Bathroom & Toiler Cleaner: 50mls-100mls of enviroClean Disinfectant Concentrate + 50mls enviroClean Vigor Concentrate.

0% Phosphates

0% Chlorine

0% Phenol


Purified Water, Plant based Non-Ionic Surfactants*, Benzalkonium Chloride, Pinus Sylvestris Oil* (Pine Oil), Food Grade Vegetable Colour*.

Plant Based*

Australian owned and made in WA.