Ener-C 1000mg Vit C drink mix – lemon – 12 sachets



Ener-C is an ascorbic acid rich flavoured vitamin and mineral powder that comes in a convenient single-serve sachet. Ener-C is designed to support the health of the immune system, whilst maintaining overall nutritional and antioxidant status.


Key Features

  • 1,000mg Vitamin C per Sachet.
  • Broad range of Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Support Immune Function.
  • Improve Nutritional Staus.
  • Vitamin C is one of the most crucial micronutrients for the human body, perhaps only challenged by magnesium and zinc. Vitamin C is involved in a range of metabolic activities, such as supporting collagen health, maintaining a healthy immune system and supporting the antioxidant defenses of the body.


    In addition to Vitamin C, Ener-C contains a range of B Vitamins, Vitamin E and Vitamin A, as well as a host of minerals including Zinc, Magnesium and Chromium to support overall nutritional status and wellness. Ener-C promotes optimal health, energy levels and supports hydration with a range of electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium.


    Vitamin C provides antioxidant benefits, with the highest levels found in the adrenal glands and the brain. This vitamin is important for the absorption of plant-based iron and even helps the body product the catecholamines adrenaline and noradrenaline. Research has also highlighted the ability of a 1,500mg Vitamin C dosage to reduce cortisol levels and inflammation after exercise, which may assist with recovery whilst promoting an anabolic state.


    Ener-C powders are a fantastic way to boost energy levels, support the immune system and maintain overall nutrition with the power of Vitamin C.


    How to Use Ener-C Vitamin C

    Mix 1 sachet into 100-200ml of water and consume. Alternatively, match the flavours up with your pre-workout or intra-workout product and mix one serve of each for a nutrient-rich workout!