Microfibre Tea Towels – You-Galah (Fig Hill Farm)


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Introducing the You-Galah design, a unique piece of art that is not just a product, but a story of passion and inspiration. This artwork is the brainchild of Helen Boughen, a fine artist who resides in the serene landscapes of South East Queensland at her property, Fig Hill Farm. Surrounded by her loving family and a variety of animals, Helen finds beauty in the ordinary, drawing inspiration from the everyday life and nature around her.

The You-Galah design is a testament to Helen’s artistic vision, reflecting her love for Farmhouse, Faith, and Australiana styles, all imbued with a touch of quirkiness and whimsy. It’s a celebration of the wonder of creation and the beauty of everyday life, designed to touch hearts and adorn homes with its charm.

The artwork is designed and printed in Australia, ensuring top-notch quality and supporting local businesses. It measures 50cm x 70cm, a perfect size to make a statement without overwhelming your space. The superb image quality guarantees that every detail of Helen’s beautiful design is captured with precision, bringing the You-Galah to life on your walls.

In essence, the You-Galah design is more than just an artwork. It’s a piece of Helen’s world, a slice of Fig Hill Farm, and a testament to the beauty that lies in our everyday lives. It’s not just about owning a product; it’s about bringing a piece of Helen’s heart and home into yours.