Natural head lice attack kit (NeemRich) *Handmade in Australia*



Are those nasty Lice about? Want a natural product to help? Well…..Our Lice Attack Packs are a natural botanical product to help you rid the hair and scalp of head lice and their eggs. Our cold pressed (which means no harmful chemicals or heat have been used in extracting the oil) Neem Seed Oil is hand-blended with Grapeseed & a Fragrant Oil and these contain essential amino acids, proteins & vitamin E which are excellent for hair follicles and hair making it soft and silky.Apply oil to hair, leave 1/2 to 1 hour, comb with fine nit comb, then rinse out using the Neem Rich Shampoo Bar. No nasty chemicals – all botanically based and is kind to your hair and scalp.Handy pack to have in your home for when those dreadful mites are about. Inexpensive and ALL natural!