Organic Oats – Original Bircher Overnight Oats 700g (Ceres)



With this original blend of untoasted organic oats, seeds and sun-ripened fruits, we’ve got your brekky covered. Make it your own with fresh fruit, yoghurt + superfood add-in’s. Put the good in your morning.
At Ceres Organics we’re on a journey to create a better tomorrow. Our organic products work to protect the health of our bodies, our communities and our planet, by working in harmony with nature – the original proud provider of this
Muesli. So join us, and together, let’s eat for change.

TO MAKE bircher muesli, add water or milk and soak overnight in the fridge. Add your accompaniments before serving. Or soak for 10 minutes or longer for a nurturing, easy-to-digest muesli.