Organic cookies, spelt – Anzac biscuits (Britts) 180g *local*



Britt’s Organic cookies are baked to perfection with a crisp, yet soft texture. Using a variety of organic sugars, spices, chocolates, butters, nuts and dried fruits they have produced a large range of flavorsome cookies. These classic organic Anzac biscuits are delicious!

Spelt is easily digested and these cookies can be enjoyed by some people suffering from wheat ‘allergies’.

Organic palm fruit oil does not require hydrogenation as it is solid at room temperature, therefore avoiding harmful trans fatty acids.

Ingredients: organic white spelt flour, organic raw sugar, organic rolled oats, organic palm fruit oil, organic buckwheat flour, organic coconut, organic molasses, GMO free lecithin, organic butter, bicarbonate soda, 3% filtered water.

Made in Queensland.
Certified organic by ACO (10239P).