Organic crisp bread – spelt – poppy seed (Britts) 160g *local*



Britt’s Organic Poppy Seed Crispbread contains the edible seeds of the poppy flower which is widely used as a spice in many parts of Europe and Asia.  And contrary to its notorious reputation, eating the poppy seed is unlike consuming opium, as the natural alkaloids are lost when the seed ripens, but can help to boost energy levels thanks to its high carbohydrate level.  In ancient times, poppy seeds were even believed to have magical powers to promote fertility and prosperity.

Ingredients:  Organic wholemeal spelt flour, organic white spelt flour, certified organic non-hydrogenated palm fruit oil*, poppy seed, unrefined sea salt, 30% filtered water.

Britt’s Organic ONLY uses sustainable certified organic palm oil, from Daabon Organic (ECOCERT, ACO – 10126w) which is manufactured on established plantations in South America.  This product is made on premises that also manufacture products containing peanut, almond, macadamias and walnuts.

Made on the Gold Coast, Queensland.