Organic Olives – Mixed w/ Garlic, Herbs & Capsicum 300g (Absolute)



Our mix of Organic Olives is infused with garlic, herbs, and capsicum, creating a delightful combination of bold flavours that will excite your taste buds. The garlic adds a deliciously pungent kick while the herbs provide a delicate aroma that complements the natural briny taste of the olives. The capsicum adds a subtle hint of heat, giving this mix a perfect balance of flavours.

These organic olives are preserved in red wine vinegar brine and pasteurised.

Our olives come from the sun-drenched hilltops of central Peloponnese, a Greek region well known for its high-quality olives with delectable flavours and fragrant aromas.


How to Use: Mixed Olives are delicious served as a table olive, in salads or antipasto.

Please store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep in brine and refrigerate up to 14 days.