Organic Vinegar – Red Wine 500ml (Absolute Organic)



Absolute Organics’ Red Wine Vinegar possesses excellent flavour and no hidden nasties. Use red wine vinegar in salad dressings, marinades, pickles, and sweet-and-sour dishes containing red cabbage, calf’s liver or red meat.

Red wine vinegar is a sour liquid comprising a dilute solution of acetic acid. It is obtained by the natural fermentation of red wine. It ranges in colour from pale pink to maroon, depending on which wine is used. Good-quality red wine vinegar has a pronounced tangy, rounded taste and is aged for several months in wooden barrels; cheaper varieties with a sharp, tart taste are produced quickly by brewing red wine with vinegar-soaked beechwood shavings.

Ingredients: Red wine vinegar.

Certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (201).

Product of Italy.