Organic condiments – mustard, strong Dijon (Global) 200g



Global Organic’s Strong Dijon Mustard is made in France and is full of the rustic, aromatic flavours of the French countryside.

This delicious mustard is made using only the finest ingredients. 100% Organic, so you can be sure that our mustard has passed the stringent regulations set by the Australian Certified Organic certifying body.

Global Organic’s Strong Dijon Mustard is smooth and deliciously full-flavoured. Fantastic for cooking in sauces, salad dressings or all on its own!

GMO free.  No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

Ingredients:  Vinegar (31.25%)*, whole mustard seeds (31.25%)*, water, Atlantic Ocean salt. (* = denotes certified organic.)

Made in France.

Certified organic by ACO.