Organic Limes – each



NASAA Certified Organic & Australian Grown – 65-100gm each High in vitamin C. Also contains unique anti-carcinogenic & antibiotic flavonoids, and limonoids which promote detoxing enzyme activity in the liver. The lime fruit is a member of the citrus family and is an incredibly popular and versatile fruit. Much more complex flavour than lemons. Lime Zest is a popular ingredient in many recipes. Did you know? Limes are an excellent source of vitamin C, with lime juice being given to sailors in their daily rations to prevent scurvy in the 1790’s. Store organic limes in the fridge. Organic citrus do not have a wax/fungicide protective layer on their skin. This is great to be free of chemicals, but also means that you need to keep them in the fridge because they WILL spoil in a fruit bowl at room temperature.

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