Organic pie – family – chicken & vegetable (Britts) 900g *local* FROZEN



Combine the goodness or free range organic Australian chicken and the finest organic vegetables gathered directly from local farmer, slow roast for hours and encase it all in the flakiest spelt pastry imaginable.  That’s Britt’s Chicken and Vegetable Pie – rich 100% organic chicken and vegetable filling in delectable wholemeal spelt pastry.

Spelt is naturally high in fibre, contains 50% more protein than common wheat.  It has a low glycemic index (GI), which means that its carbohydrate content is absorbed more slowly.  Spelt is not only special because it is healthy, it has a unique, slightly sweet and nutty flavour.

Certified organic ingredients: Chicken (25%), wholemeal spelt flour, carrot, celery, onion, white spelt flour, sunflower oil, butter, raw sugar, eggs.  Natural ingredients: vegetable oil, sea salt, pepper, filtered water.

Organic ingredients certified by Australian Certified Organic.

Made on the Gold Coast, Queensland.