Organic Salmon – Norwegian – 1 fillet (skin on) 200g



Frozen at the source in Norway – Fed Certified Organic marine oils & proteins, Hormone Free, GM Free, High in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids.

Great for fresh sashimi. Also perfect for baking, steaming, grilling, as well as poaching in bouillon or olive oil.

Fish are farmed in remote clean waters, free of chemical runoff, in carefully controlled natural environments. Fish are allowed to swim freely with plenty of space, in fast flowing waters to allow them to become strong and healthy.


Grown in the wide open seas of Norway surging, clear, fresh and clean as close to raw nature as you can get. Here, the fast flowing clear water, not only maintains a clean seabed, but also allows a natural habits for salmon to swim against the tide, developing the strongest and healthiest fish.

Please note – while this fish is fed certified organic feeds and produced sustainably, it is not certified organic, as our other salmon product is.

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