Organic Garam Masala -80g (PureFood)



This Garam Masala recipe is a fragrant blend of eleven spices. This traditional north Indian ‘Masala’, spice blend is well-balanced and very mild, although it does contain a little chilli powder. It’s not hot, and you can distinguish each of the spices without one overpowering another.

Garam Masala is traditionally used in Indian dishes near, or at the end of cooking. It reinvigorates the flavours of all the spices. But, even if you haven’t used spices in your dish, it’s a great blend to sprinkle over soups and casseroles, lentil and egg dishes as a perky alternative to salt and pepper. Garam masala sprinkled over vegetables before baking gives them a mildly spiced crust that’s delicious! And, if you’re having a BBQ, try a little in your patties or use it as a meat or fish rub. Spices provide natural flavour with the bonus of a whole range of health benefits, particularly aiding efficient digestion.

Product of India

Certified organic by NASAA (#4222P)