Organic condiments – tamari soy sauce (Ceres) 750mL



Ceres Organics tamari soy sauce is made with 100% soybeans, naturally fermented for up to 6 months.  It is wheat-free and has no MSG or artificial preservatives.

The special fermentation process used for organic, wheat-free tamarin soy sauce gives it unique flavour enhancing properties.  Add to gravies, sauces and casseroles.  Use as a marinade and in stir-fry dishes.  It will reduce sodium levels in your cooking without compromising taste – organic tamarin contains 1/8th the sodium level of salt.

Brewed in the USA. Bottled in NZ.

Ingredients: Whole soybeans*, salt (no free-flow or anti-caking agents), alcohol (derived from corn) to preserve freshness.

Certified organic by BioGro #4310.