Organic gelatine – 12 leaves (EWALD) 20g



A simple to use, titanium strength, organic leaf gelatin. Using Ewald’s best quality gelatin you can make deserts such as Panna Cotta, Mouse, Crème Caramel, Crème Brulee, fruit jelly as well as savoury meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

Foods made with gelatin have a very specific quality due to gelatin’s ability to melt at body temperature, means it dissolves in the mouth creating a uniquely creamy mouth feeling. Free of fat and carbohydrates, as well as cholesterol and purines, gelatin is a natural protein used heavily in modern cuisine. With a long life, it can be left in the pantry for the next time you have the urge to create a summer jelly or a nice winter gravy.

  • Made from Certified Organic Pigs.

  • Contrary to popular belief the gelatin is made from the skin not from bones and other by-products. The same skin that may be on a pork roast or slice of bacon