Pickled Red Onions

Monday, January 29th, 2024 | Farm Fresh

Pickled onions are incredibly quick and easy to make, and a great addition to many meals such burgers, avo toast and salads! They are also a great source of natural probiotics which support digestive health.


1 red onion
½ cup Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tbsp Organic Raw Sugar or Organic Maple Syrup
1 tsp Celtic Sea Salt – Fine
1 cup of hot water  


  1. Finely slice the red onions (use mandoline slicer if accessible), and fill glass jar.  
  2. In a bowl combine the vinegar, sugar, salt and hot water and stir until sugar is dissolved.  
  3. Pour this mixture into jar, ensuring the onions are immersed. 
  4. Cover mixture and let sit for an hour. This can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. 

Recipe adopted from Honest to Goodness